Fun Things For Kids In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Zoo

Whether your traveling cross-country and find yourself visiting the area, or are moving with your family, if you’re going to Colorado Springs with your children, you’re going to want to keep them busy. Many children get bored very easily if they don’t have something interesting to do. Thankfully, given the size of cities like Colorado Springs, pretty much all of them have something for young children to occupy themselves with, and keep them from getting in your hair. Here are a few things for your kids to do in Colorado Springs. 

A pleasant trip to the zoo is great fun for any family, especially children who may just be starting to learn about animals and their environments. Most major cities across the country have a zoo or wildlife center of some kind to call their own, and while Colorado Springs doesn’t have one in the major part of the city, there is a zoo southwest of the downtown section of the city. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo houses rare and exotic animals from all over the world, including elephants, rhinos, monkeys, and lions, as well as various fish and bird species. Furthermore, there are several activities tailored to young children specifically, including hands on interaction with animals and watching veterinary care take place. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will be an amazing time for you children, and a memory they will look back on fondly!

The old western aspect of towns and cities in midwestern states like Colorado can be interesting to any visitor. Specifically, it may be interesting to children who are fans of cowboys or the old west in general. The Wild West Ghost Town Museum offers a full hands on experience for visitors, including shooting galleries, interactive exhibits, and artifacts from the Pikes Peak region to explore and learn about. You can even pan for your own gold during the summer months! Both adult and child visitors will find themselves enthralled with acting out the lives of those in the old west, and the background to the artifacts on display ensure that you’ll leave more knowledgeable of the past than before. 

A favorite subject of many young children across America is dinosaurs! Learning about prehistoric creatures and how they used to roam the Earth is a topic that captures many minds and hearts at a young age. For those little dinosaur enthusiasts, the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is somewhere they will absolutely want to visit in Colorado Springs. The center features two fossil exhibit halls, featuring the remains and skeletal reconstructions of various prehistoric land mammals and marine life, including Plesiosaurs, Thescelosaurus, and of course, the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex. In addition, there is a learning center for children to have a more hands-on experience when learning about dinosaurs, with some exhibits that are free to touch, and interactive models of dinosaurs. The center is an over fantastic experience for any dinosaur fan, so if your child loves learning about prehistoric creatures, take them here for sure.

Your kids will have plenty to do when you’re in Colorado Springs, and ideally, that’ll mean you’ll be able to enjoy yourself as well. Want to know what else there is to do besides these activities? Check out Colorado Springs’ tourism site to find out what else there is to do. Who knows what local attraction will catch your eye and pique your interest?